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Industrial Gaskets and SealsType of Industrial Gaskets and Seals:

Head Gasket
To seal the gap between an engine block and a cylinder head, the only choice is a head gasket. Head gaskets, among the most complicated of gaskets, are heat and chemical resistant and strong.

In addition, to fill in gaps or increase seal effectiveness, shims, which are flat metal gaskets that resemble washers, are used alone or in combination with rubber gaskets.

O-ring gaskets are named after their shape, an O. These thin gaskets are among the most common of all those used. Their popularity is due to their low cost, simplicity, easy construction and versatility. They are used with both static and dynamic mechanisms, such as hydraulic cylinders and rotating pump shafts.

Flange Gasket
Like o-rings, flange gaskets are named after their shape. Flange gaskets have protruding lips or rims that look like flanges; flanges are internal or external lips, rims or ridges. The gasket lips help the flange gasket attach better.

Cylinder Head Gasket
Cylinder head gaskets, also known as head gaskets, are components of internal combustion engines. There, they are wedged between the cylinder head(s) and engine block. Their goal is to provide effective sealing and compression while preventing leakage of fluids like engine oil or coolant.

Jacketed Gasket
Jacketed gaskets are those gaskets that feature an external metallic coating on one or both sides (single-jacket and double-jacket, respectively). Jacketed gaskets, which usually have an interior of plastic or rubber, are stronger, more durable and more flexible than non-jacketed gaskets. Double-jacketed gaskets also feature improved pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, and decay resistance.

Intake Manifold Gasket
Intake manifold gaskets are yet another vehicle engine gasket. They serve as the connection between the intake manifold and the top of the engine.

Exhaust Gasket
Exhaust gaskets are specialty seal gaskets designed only to help regulate vehicle exhaust. They make sure that any gases leaving the engine stays in the exhaust system until the proper time.

Valve Cover Gasket
Valve cover gaskets are gaskets placed above an engine cylinder head, where their job is to prevent oil from leaking from the valve cover.

Spiral Wound Gasket
Spiral wound gaskets feature a combination or interweaving of metal and filler material shaped in an outward circular spiral. The metal is usually stainless steel, while the filler is usually flexible graphite. To relieve stress, tension or movement issues, manufacturers choose spiral wound gaskets. These gaskets provide a tight, but flexible seal.

Silicone Gasket
Manufacturers recommend silicone rubber gaskets for use with extreme temperatures, from around -140℉ to 480℉. They are also ideal in the face of UV light, which they both resist and shield other materials against.

EPDM Gasket
EPDM gaskets are used to mate machine part surfaces.

Neoprene Gasket
Neoprene gaskets, which are available with custom neoprene, are known for their durability. They are used as long-lasting seals in the gaps of machine parts.

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