Practicing at home is a great idea for pilots. You can keep your skills sharp and your mind in the cockpit even when you can’t make it to the airport.
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Start Up-procedure
  •     Put it on a table.
  •    Turn it on.
  •    Fly.
Practicing at home is a great idea for pilots. You can keep your skills sharp and your mind in the cockpit even when you can’t make it to the airport.
In reality, however, two obstacles deny a majority of pilots effective home flight simulation: purchasing and assembling the right hardware requires a PhD in computer know-how, and after flying around the virtual world for a bit, most pilots get bored. Redbird Flight Simulations, the world leader in FAA-approved flight simulators for general aviation, has addressed both these issues with the Jay.
The Jay contains the monitor, speakers, computer and flight controls—all-in-one unit that is ready to fly right out of the box. It boots up directly to a launch screen where you can select your airplane, airport and weather conditions. Push the green button and you’re on a runway and ready to go.
Scenario-based training?
It’s built in.
The Jay is more than a simulator—it’s a flight experience device supporting training, proficiency, and just plain fun! In addition to the free flight mode where you select the aircraft and conditions, the Jay has a scenario mode where you can load a preset scenario and fly it.
A scenario could range from a simple flight challenge to a complex flight with multiple potential outcomes. For example, a magazine article on an aircraft accident could be linked to a mission where the Jay owner flies that scenario. Redbird Media, a company specializing in curriculum for simulation, will create many of these scenarios in partnership with AOPA Pilot and other training outlets and magazines.
The scenario exchange will be open to any company wishing to create scenarios for the Jay. A one-button update on the Jay will load the latest scenarios available for free or that the owner has purchased.
The Jay home screen also has a built-in web browser to access scenario add-ons, such as video, or download simulator extensions such as additional aircraft or scenery.
The Jay chassis is metal, not plastic. Control smoothness is paramount. The parts should last indefinitely. In addition, there are pilot-centric touches. For example, the yoke travel is equivalent to a typical Cessna or Piper single—about three times as far as most plastic flight sim yokes move.
The software powering the Jay is Lockheed Prepar3D (pronounced “prepared”). Prepar3D is an evolution of Microsoft’s FSX, enhanced and expanded for professional-level simulation, including Redbird’s full-motion simulators.
This means most of the many plug-ins, aircraft and communities designed for FSX will work flawlessly on the Jay.
    Keyboard with Shortcut Commands
    Flight Controls
    90 Day Warranty / 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Visuals: 27-inch LCD monitor (1920 x 1080 pixels).
    CPU: Intel 3.3Ghz Quad-Core Processor.
    Memory & Storage: 8GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD.
    Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (64-bit).
    Flight Simulation Software: Lockheed Prepar3D Flight Sim (the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator X)
    Primary Flight Control: Redbird professional-grade yoke system.
    Throttle Quadrant: "Boat style" controls for throttle and mixture.
Pre-Loaded Aircraft
    Beech Baron 58 w/ G1000
    Beech Baron 58 - analog
    Beech King Air 350
    Cessna Skyhawk 172SP G1000
    Cessna Skyhawk 172SP
    Cessna Skyhawk 172Stol
    Cessna Grand Caravan
    Extra 300
    Lockheed C69A
    Maule M7 260C
    Maule M7 260C White
    Mooney Bravo
    Mooney Bravo w/ G1000
    Mooney Bravo King Schools
    Piper J-3 Cub
    Virtavia Yak-52 Red Star
    Virtavia Yak-52 Green and Gray
    Virtavia Yak-52TW Aerostars 1
    Virtavia Yak-52TW Aerostars 2
In The Box
    27 inch LCD Display
    Computer (see Specifications tab for specs)
    Lockheed Prepar3D Flight Sim (pre installed)
    Throttle / Mixture Controls
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