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Conval Clamp Seal Valves

Conval is the industry leader in Severe Service Valves. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, all of which feature great durability and incredible longevity. We offer, by far, the lowest life-cycle costs for industrial applications. From nuclear reactors to cryogenic laboratories our valves are designed to exceed the most extreme standards.

Founded in 1967, Conval designs and manufactures high-performance forged valves for the world's most demanding applications. Many of the valves that we make are ideal for LNG, including our cryogenic valves. One of the key, unique features of our valves is in-line serviceability. This results in quick payback in MRO savings.

High pressure, high and low-temperature ball, bellows, check, gate, globe, throttling and urea service valves and accessories.

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