Kerick Float Valves

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Kerick Float ValvesKerick Valve
The Kerick Valve brand is known for high-quality PVC float valves and other related components that are used in a wide variety of industrial agricultural applications, including cooling towers, irrigation, water treatment, livestock and animal watering, and commercial ice-making equipment. Along with the Control Devices line of BOB® and BOBBY® branded industrial float valves, we provide an industry-leading selection of float valves to the industrial and agricultural trades.

Company Overview
Joseph Krechel founded Control Devices in his St. Louis garage in 1963 with the vision of creating the industry’s most innovative check valve and controls for air compressor OEMs. After nearly 45 years of growth and success spurred by Krechel’s innovative and forward-thinking principles, Control Devices was recognized as an industry leader.

Now, with the means to continue growing Krechel’s vision on a much larger scale, Control Devices added to their wide range of offerings and expanded into industries, bringing their engineering expertise and dedication to outstanding quality into new industries. Now, in addition to our extensive selection of valves, Control Devices designs and assembles products and components for pressure washers, air compressors, fire suppression systems, vehicle systems, specialty gas applications, refrigeration, air conditioning, agriculture, and the food and beverage industries. Among many others, these include specialty valves, nozzles, condensate traps, and refrigeration distributors.

Although much has changed through the decades, the core mission of Control Devices remains the same. Still located in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, with an in-house engineering team and manufacturing facilities, Control Devices continues to expand to provide customers with new and exciting solutions.

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